ďAfter Further Review; Instant Replay Good or Bad?Ē
by:  Michael L.

BTFS (2/2/02):  Everybody these days has their own opinions regarding Instant Replay.  Some people love it, some people hate it and some people donít know if they like it or hate it.   So basically the question is:  Is Instant Replay good or bad?

 The answer to the question is very simple; GOOD!. Instant Replay is a fantastic tool for the NFL officials.  Professional football moves at an incredible speed and the players are much bigger and faster than other leagues.  Every official wants to get every single call and ruling correct at all levels of play, but that just canít be. 

 Instant Replay is so beneficial for the officials and for the game because if coaches believe there has been a mistake made out there on the field, they can challenge a call.  This becomes very important in a close meaningful football game.  If the offensive team is down by 3 points and they are on their own 45 yard line and its 4th and 10, that incomplete pass ruling down field is very important if it the pass was actually caught.  If this ruling occurred in lower levels including College and High School, the ruling could not be changed.  But with the benefit of having replay, the coach can challenge and let the referee see if the wrong call was made on the field so a possible change can be made.

 The Instant Replay rules are pretty well stated.  However, a few of them could use some fine-tuning.  A rule that could use to be looked at is the challenges by coaches.  A coach really should not loose a challenge if they were correct with the challenge request.  Since the coaches only have two challenges per game, this becomes very important if two challenges come up in the first half in which the coaches were right; in this case and under these current rules, the coaches would no remaining challenges to use during the second half.  Coaches should not be penalized for being correct. 

 I personally believe that Instant Replay would be a great tool at all levels of play including High School.  Any level of play is important to the players and coaches.  This would also give officials experience and knowledge of the Instant Replay system if they would ever want to advance to the professional level.  As many people have their own opinions regarding replay, it is a wonderful tool that is being utilized well. 

Article by:
Michael L.
Chief Webmaster
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