Red Cashion was one of the most best officials in the NFL. He was well known for the way he drawled out "First Dooooown". Red was a 26 year veteran with many Super Bowl appearances including Dallas vs. Pittsburgh in 1996. The following season would be Red's final season as a NFL Referee at the age of 65. Red is a chairman of emeritus of ANCO Insurance Company; which he founded on 1955 in Texas. Red currently resides in College Station Texas.  Cashion retired as the NFL's most senior referee at the end of the 1996 season.  However, he believes he could have performed well for another year or two.  He wanted to retire on top.  Cashion, began his officiating career by officiating high school and college games.  He was in Tulsa in 1971 doing his fourth game in over three days when an NFL scout walked up to him and announced his work was being considered for the pros.  The following year, he was in the NFL.  Cashion is currently working as a Instant Replay assistant for the NFL.