"I don't have to outrun anybody, I just have to get there before they do." - Texas High School Football Official, David Landrum

"One day soon these boys may have crummy jobs, mean wives, and rotten little kids.  Inside the rules lets lettem have fun tonight." - Texas High School Football Official, David Landrum

“The kickoffs come and go, but the memories and friendship can last a lifetime” - Jim Mercer, former pacific 10 conference referee/ observer

“We have to remember here that these officials are human beings. They are going to make mistakes. On some plays, it is just impossible to pick up what happened because they go so fast” - Former NFL Referee Jerry Seeman, current Director of NFL Officiating

“He shoved an official, pushed an official, and that is an automatic ejection.” - NFL Referee Bob McElwee

“If you think it’s fair, keep the flag in your pocket.” - Former NFL Line Judge Bama Glass  

"Jerry Markbreit has been one of the greatest referees in NFL history," "His Contributions to the league, the game and to officiating have been invaluable." - NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue

“I noticed a defensive back, who I had called for a facemask penalty wearing a “WWJD - What would Jesus do” bracelet. 3 plays later, I said, “Number 5”, he looked at me, I said “Jesus wouldn't pull a facemask”!!! - Bob Renn Kentucky High School Official

“When I’m Lining, they say, “hey ref!”. I look at my arms and I tell them, “Do you see any referee armbands on me?” - Steven, High School Hockey Official

“Keep your flag in your pocket, but have the courage to make the tough call when it needs to and should be made. Use common sense. Do what’s right. - Former NFL Referee Bud Brudbaker

“The official, who through the influence of his presence, causes players to avoid rule violations, has attained the perfect relationship to the game.” - T.J. Shouldice