Norm Schachter, has worked for the National Football League since 1954. He was a senior Referee for 21 years. Norm was the Referee in Super Bowls I, V and X. He also worked 11 championship games. He refereed the first Monday Night Football game. Norm retired from the field after working Super Bowl X in 1976 after 22 years.

Presently, Norm is working for the Director of Officials’ office, observing officials at games throughout the football season. He formerly searched for prospective officials at major college games for the NFL. He also works with new officials - meeting prior to the game and following up with a post-game meeting.

Also: Edited the Official Rule Book for Professional Football for 26 years. Wrote the Officials’ Manual for the NFL. For 26 years, prepared yearly Rules Review exams for all officials. Wrote weekly exams for all NFL officiating crews for review at weekly crew meetings at all games throughout the country.

Worked as an Instant Replay official for the first two years of that program. Was the Referee in the TV booth for the experimental study of pre-season games in the Instant Replay procedures for all three networks.

Dr. Schachter received his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA; Masters from USC; and Doctorate from Alfred University. He is the author of 12 English Reading, and Vocabulary Textbooks used nationally and internationally.

Norm is the author of the following professional football books: Close Calls: Confessions of an NFL Referee; The NFL’s Toughest Calls and co-author of The Gladiators.

He speaks extensively to national companies across the country. They include: Exxon, Prudential Life Insurance, RCA, Whirlpool, American Bankers Association, Own-Corning, Eaton Corporation, Green Giant, Robin Drugs, and many others.

Norm worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 31 years. He was a classroom teacher for nice years and an administrator for 22 years. He was an Area Superintendent from 1971 until hi retirement in 1978.

He was a captain in the United States Marines from 1942-1946, stationed in the Pacific Theater in the Marshall Islands.

Norm lives in Westchester, CA (Next to Los Angeles International Airport). He has three sons.