1.  “Born to Referee”

2.  “I remember my first NFL game I did in 1976. I was the line judge in Jim Tunney’s crew, and one of my responsibilities was to call for the two minute warning. I waited eagerly for the clock to count down, and then gave my signals. Tunney looked at me and said, “That was perfect”, “Now go back to your position and wait until there are two minutes to go in the second quarter”.

3.  “I can remember my old coach saying, ‘If your good enough, you can officiate for the rest of your adult life.’ “Markbreit says, “He was right.”

4.  “It’s something that becomes an important part of your life.”

5.  “When the runner is on the ground with the ball and he’s touched by an opposing player, no matter how long the runner has been in possession of the ball, he’s down.”

6.  “It isn't any tougher,” he said. “You adjust to the intensity of the game, but the games don't seem any different than they did 30, 40 years ago.”