Name:     Marc L.
Title:        Creative Consultant
Years of Service: 1
AOL ID: moccasin284
MSN Messenger:  moccasin284


BIO: Marc Lewis is currently 15 years old (7/23/85) and lives in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Marc has followed NFL Officiating since 1998. He currently officiates Middle School contests (Fall of 2000) and will add Freshman Contests to his schedule in the fall of 2001. Marc joined the Coulee Region Official's Association in 2001. He has high hopes to get into the NFL as a Field Judge hopefully in his 30's.

HOBBIES: Watching Football, Playing Football, Officiating Football, Managing Football Team, Internet and School.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Elected to Council for American Indian Ministries Board of Directors/Executive Committee. Nominated for United Church of Christ Youth Justice Award, Member of National Honor Society, Youth Minister at several National United Church of Christ Events, Officiated Middle School's Super Bowl (Highest Game in MS schedule) Performs in Several Community Plays Future Plans: Attend college, Marriage, Children and Become either an Actor or a Teacher. And of course...NFL Officiating!