Live Webmaster Contact


The Webmasters of this site can be contacted at the below times on AOL Instant Messenger.  This new service is a way that viewers of this site can get their questions asked live with our webmasters.  These times could change without notice. If  notices are issued, they will be posted on the scrolling marquee on the main page.  Also with our busy schedules, sometimes we might not be able to be on AOL Instant Messenger in our allotted time.  Please forgive any inconveniences this may cause.  Below are our AOL ID's and our Scheduled contact times for the summer.


Chief Webmaster:  Michael L.
AOL ID:  fbref01
Allotted Time Schedule:  Monday-Friday  9:00-11:00 pm  EST


Asst. Webmaster: Jay R.
Allotted Time Schedule:  Monday-Sunday 9:30-11:00 pm EST


Asst. Webmaster:  Mark E.
AOL ID:  snave 59
Allotted Time Schedule:  Various Times