Name:     Jay R.
Title:        Ratings Director
Years of Service: 2 1/2
AOL ID: stormtrack98


Currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Jay has been interested in NFL officiating since he can remember. He has numerous experiences officiating high school neighborhood football games. In June of 2001 Jay was employed by the local YMCA, and holds the title of the Sports Coordinator, as the Sports Coordinator he is knowledgeable of all rules of youth sports, and has officiated the following: basketball, flag football, and soccer. In December 2001, Jay was awarded Employee of the Quarter for his efforts of excellence during the first six months of his employment with the YMCA.

Jay's hobbies include: computers, website design & building, volunteering time with the State Attorney's Office, weather, and always football officiating. He is currently attending a local community college seeking to better himself education wise in the field of Criminal Justice. Jay's future plans are to become an Assistant District Attorney.