Pos. Official
R Bill Carollo #63
U Charles Hannah #40
HL Paul Weidner #87
LJ Ben Montgomery #117
FJ Steve Zimmer #33
SJ John Parry #132
BJ Bob Waggoner #25

About our Featured Crew:

      Bill Carollo came into the NFL in 1989 as a Side Judge.  Hes spent many years on the McElwee crew before being promoted in 1997.  Prior to his promotion hes worked three championship games as a Side Judge and Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, AZ.  Since being promoted, Bill has worked the Divisional round once and the Championship round of the playoffs once.  This year, his 6th as a referee.

      Umpire Charles Butch Hannah #40 came into the league in 1999.  Since coming into the NFL, hes worked the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  Hes worked with Bill every year hes been in the league.

      Head Linesman Paul Weidner #87 is a veteran Head Linesman.    He worked last year,s NFC Championship Game and has worked a SuperBowl

      Line Judge Ben Montgomery #117 is a veteran.  He originally worked as an umpire before switching to Line Judge.  Hes been seen on several clip shows as umpire being knocked around.  Switching to line judge proved to be a good move because in 1998, he worked Super Bowl XXXII. In 2001, he had the honor to work the NFC Championship game.

      Field Judge Steve Zimmer #33   This is his first year on Carollo's crew.  He also worked his first Divisional round game in last year's playoffs.

      Side Judge John Parry #132 is in his third season.  John joined the league in 2000.  Hes worked with Bill his entire time in the NFL.

      Back Judge Bob Waggoner #25 has been in the NFL for a few years and worked the playoffs a few times since then.