Gerry Austin, No. 34, W. Carolina, president, leadership dev. group, 17th year. Ron Blum, No. 7, Marin College, professional golfer, 14th year. Mike Carey, No. 94, Santa Clara, owner, skiing accessories, 9th year. Bill Carollo, No. 63, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, marketing executive, 10th year. Walt Coleman, No. 65, Arkansas, president, dairy processor, 10th year. Tony Corrente, No. 99, Cal State-Fullerton, educator, 4th year. Johnny Grier, No. 23, University of D.C., planning engineer, 18th year. Dick Hantak, No. 105, Southeast Missouri, educator, 21st year. Ed Hochuli, No. 85, Texas-El Paso, attorney, 9th year. Bernie Kukar, No. 86, St. John's, sales rep., employees benefit plan, 15th year. Phil Luckett, No. 59, UTEP, computer prog. analyst, fed. civil services, 8th year. Jerry Markbreit, No. 9, Illinois, corporate consultant, 23rd year. Bob McElwee, No. 95, Navy, owner, heavy construction firm, 23rd year. Larry Nemmers, No. 20, Upper Iowa, motivational speaker, 14th year. Tom White, No. 123, Temple, president, athletic sportswear, 10th year. Ron Winter, No. 14, Michigan State, university professor, 4th year.

Hendi Ancich, No. 115, Harbor, longshoreman, 17th year. Brian Balliet, No. 48, Lehigh, sales engineer, 2nd year. Ron Botchan, No. 110, Occidental, college prof., former AFL player, 19th year. Bob Boylston, No. 101, Alabama, stockbroker, 21st year. Chad Brown, No. 31, East Texas State, dir., intramural/sports clubs, 7th year. Ed Coukart, No. 71, Northwestern, vice-president, commercial bank, 10th year. Jim Daopoulos, No. 75, Kentucky, mortgage broker, 10th year. Scott Dawson, No. 70, Vir. Tech, pres./owner, commercial const. co., 4th year. James Duke, No. 74, Howard, reg. mngr., dir. vol. rsrc. boys & girls clubs, 6th yr. Ed Fiffick, No. 57, Marquette, podiatric physician, 20th year. Neil Gereb, No. 50, California, project manager, aircraft company, 18th year. Carl Madsen, No. 92, Washington, vice president of operations, 2nd year. Jim Quirk, No. 5, Delaware, senior vice-president, securities, 11th year. Jeff Rice, No. 44, Northwestern, attorney, 4th year. Rex Stuart, No. 103, Appalachian State, insurance agent, 15th year. Bob Wagner, No. 100, Penn State, exec. dir., cardiovascular institute, 14th year.

Head linesmen
Mark Baltz, No. 26, Ohio University, manufacturer's representative, 10th year. Earnie Frantz, No. 111, no college, VP/mngr., insurance co., 18th year. Terry Gierke, No. 72, Portland State, real estate broker, 18th year. Dale Hamer, No. 104, California Univ., Pa., consultant, 20th year. George Hayward, No. 54, Missouri Western, VP/mngr., warehouse co., 8th year. Mark Hittner, No. 28, Pittsburg State, insurance sales, 2nd year. Tom Johnson, No. 114, Miami OH, ret. educ., pres./owner, security co., 17th yr. Aaron Pointer, No. 79, Pacific Lutheran, park dept. administrator, LOA, 12th yr. Sanford Rivers, No. 121, Youngstown State, asst. VP, school admin., 10th yr. John Schleyer, No. 21, Millersville, medical sales, 9th year. Sid Semon, No. 109, Southern California, physical educ. consultant, 21st yr. Gary Slaughter, No. 30, East Texas State, general manager, 3rd year. Tom Stabile, No. 24, Slippery Rock, secondary educ. administrator, 4th year. Tony Veteri, No. 36, Manhattan, director of athletics, 7th year. Paul Weidner, No. 87, Cincinnati, marketing manager, 13th year. Dale Williams, No. 8, Cal State-Northridge, sports official, 19th year. James Wilson, No. 43, Eastern Kentucky, commercial truck mrktg. mngr., 1st yr.

Line judges
Dave Anderson, No. 81, Salem, insurance executive, 15th year. Walt Anderson, No. 66, Sam Houston, dentist, orthodontics, 3rd year. Gary Arthur, No. 108, Wright State, commercial printing sales, 2nd year. Tom Barnes, No. 55, Minnesota, manufacturing representative, 13th year. Ron Baynes, No. 56, Auburn, school administrator, coach, 12th year. Jeff Bergman, No. 32, Robert Morris, pres. and CEO, medical services, 7th yr. Byron Boston, No. 18, Austin, tax consultant, 4th year. Darryll Lewis, No. 130, Dartmouth, associate professor, 2nd year. Ron Marinucci, No. 107, Glassboro State, VP, novelty cone company, 2nd yr. Bruce Maurer, No. 38, Ohio St., administrator/assoc. dir., rec. sports, 12th yr. Ben Montgomery, No. 117, Morehouse, school administrator, 17th year. Dale Orem, No. 51, Louisville, bank chairman of the board, 19th year. Ron Phares, No. 10, Virginia Tech, president, construction company, 14th year. Bill Spyksma, No. 12, S. Dakota, commercial real estate, const. sales, 4th yr. Mark Steinkerchner, No. 84, Akron, vice-president, 5th year. Charles Stewart, No. 62, Long Beach St., human services administrator, 7th yr.

Back judges
Don Carey, No. 126, California-Riverside, contract manager, 4th year. Don Dorkowski, No. 113, Cal State-Los Angeles, work exp. coord., 13th yr. Kirk Dornan, No. 6, Central Washington, industrial sales, 5th year. Scott Green, No. 19, Delaware, vice-president, government relations, 8th year. Don Hakes, No. 96, Bradley, retired educator, 22nd year. Bob Lawing, No. 17, North Carolina State, real estate management, 2nd year. Bill Leavy, No. 127, San Jose State, supervisor of officials, ret. firefighter, 4th yr. Perry Paganelli, No. 46, Hope College, high school administrator, 1st year. Richard Reels, No. 83, Chicago State, director of security, court services, 6th yr. Bill Schmitz, No. 122, Colorado State, general sales manager, 10th year. Bobby Skelton, No. 73, Alabama, industrial representative, 14th year. Billy Smith, No. 2, East Carolina, federal government, 5th year. Ron Spitler, No. 119, Panhandle State, owner, service center, 17th year. Jeff Triplette, No. 42, Wake Forest, vice president, corporate accounts, 3rd yr. Jack Vaughan, No. 93, Mississippi State, marketing consultant, 22nd year. Bob Waggoner, No. 25, Juniata College, probation officer, 2nd year.

Side judges
Ken Baker, No. 91, Eastern Illinois, college educator, 8th year. Don Carlsen, No. 39, Cal State-Chico, asst. superint., county school, 10th yr. Neely Dunn, No. 89, South Carolina State, principal, 4th year Tom Fincken, No. 47, Emporia State, retired educational administrator, 15th year. Laird Hayes, No. 125, Princeton, professor, physical ed. & athletics, 4th yr. Nate Jones, No. 97, Lewis and Clark, high school principal, 22nd year. Gary Lane, No. 120, Missouri, owner hunting resort, former NFL player, 17th yr. Ron Liebsack, No. 76, Regis, manager, telecommunications, 4th year. Dean Look, No. 49, Mich. St., consult., med. mnfct., former AFL player, 26th yr. Terry McAulay, No. 77, Louisiana State, senior computer scientist, 1st year. Tommy Moore, No. 60, Stephen F. Austin, marketing, manufacturing rep., 7th yr. Rick Patterson, No. 15, Wofford, banker, 3rd year. Larry Rose, No. 128, Florida, financial planner, 2nd year. Howard Slavin, No. 29, Southern California, attorney, 12th year. Doug Toole, No. 4, Utah State, physical therapist, 11th year. David Wyant, No. 16, Virginia, systems integration director, 8th year.

Field judges
Paul Baetz, No. 22, Heidelberg, financial consultant, 21st year. Duke Carroll, No. 11, Ithaca, president, insurance agency, 4th year. Boris Cheek, No. 41, Morgan State, dir. of operations and management, 3rd yr. Dick Creed, No. 61, Louisville, real estate manager, 21st year. Al Jury, No. 106, San Bernardino Valley, state traffic officer, 21st year. Bill Lovett, No. 98, Maryland, managing partner, financial sales, 9th year. Keven Mack, No. 102, Ft. Valley State, economic dev. administrator, 2nd yr. Bob McGrath, No. 35, Western Kentucky, sales rep., fund raiser, 6th yr. Lloyd McPeters, No. 64, Oklahoma State, business insurance sales, 6th year. Timmie Millis, No. 80, Millsaps, financial investigative consultant, 10th year. Pete Morelli, No. 135, St. Mary's, high school principal, 2nd year. Jim Saracino, No. 58, Northern Colorado, secondary educator, 4th year. Tom Sifferman, No. 118, Seattle, manufacturer's representative, 13th year. Scott Steenson, No. 88, North Texas, commercial real estate broker, 8th year. David Warden, No. 27, Oklahoma State, dentist, 1st year. Steven Zimmer, No. 33, Hofstra, attorney, 2nd year.

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